Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh (2010)

Tell me a Story, by Rabbi Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor (2011)

Shabbat – is it really a day of rest? By Rabbi Haim Shalom (2012) 

In The Beginning… by Rabbi Tirzah Ben-David (2013)

What Does It Mean To Be Created In The Image Of God? By Rabbi Ferenc Raj (2015)

Cain and Abel: “The Symbol Story of the Human Soul” by Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs (2016)


"L’takein et ha’olam" — Repairing our World, by Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber (2010)

Adrift, by Rabbi Tirzah Ben-David (2011) 

Rabbi Michael Dolgin (2012)

Hope for the Middle-East? by Rabbi Rene Pfertzel (2013)

By Rabbi Danny Burkeman (2015)

By Rabbi Nir Barkin and Smadar Bilik (2016)

Lech Lecha

The Deliverance from the Bowels of Chile’s Mother Earth, by Rabbi Roberto Feldman (2010)

And the Journey Continues by Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber (2011)

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins (2012)

Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff (2013)

A Journey of a Lifetime, By Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber (2015)

Rabbi Uri Lam (2016)


The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity, by Rabbi Rich Kirschen (2010)

The Progeny of Abraham by Rabbi Ann Blitzstein Folb (2011) 

The Edge of Understanding, by Rabbi Tirzah Ben-David (2012)

Isaac's Bar Mitsvah, by Rabbi Sue Levy (2013) 

Abraham the Emphatic Listener, by Rabbi Morley Feinstein (2014)

The Morning After: Iran, Ishmael, and Isaac By Rabbi Mark L. Winer (2015)

Why Did God Reveal Himself to Abraham? by Rabbi Edgar Nof (2016)

Chayei Sarah

Chayei Sarah and the Case of the Missing Person, by Rabbi Fred Morgan (2010)                

Rabbi Guido Cohen (2011)           

Praying for Good Luck, by Rabbi Elyse Goldstein (2012)  

Rebekah: A Model for Positive Self-Esteem, by Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber (2013)

In Praise of Three Women, by Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor (2014)

By Rabbi Brad Bloom (2015)

The Journey from Ger to Toshav to Jew by Rabbi Jordan D. Cohen (2016)


The Rebound Patriarch, by Rabbi Danny Burkeman (2010)            

Rabbi Richard G Lampert (2011) 

Fraternal Strivings, by Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky (2012) 

Sara’s Tent and the Next Generations, By Rabbi Reba Carmel (2013)

What Goes Around Comes Around, by Rabbi Natan Landman (2014)

Sibling Rivalry, By Rabbi Lea Muehlstein (2015)

Identity and Authenticity by Rabbi Lisa J. Grushcow, D.Phil. (2016)


The Rabbi and the Rosary, by Rabbi Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor (2010)       

Jacob’s Dream and the Inner Journey, by Rabbi Howard Cooper (2011)

Heading into a Place of “Divine Anger”, by Rabbi Josh Jacobs-Velde (2012)   

Learning from Jacob, the Weekend Warrior of Faith, by Rabbi Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor (2013)

Parashat Vayetzei By Rabbi Rene Pfertzel (2015)

By Rabbi Brad L. Bloom MSW DD (2016)


Angels, by Rabbi Dr John Levi (2010)  

The Pride of our Name, Rabbi Danny Burkeman (2011)   

Rabbi Steve Burnstein (2012)   

Jacob the Liar, by Rabbi Megan Doherty (2013)

Mistakes from our Ancestors from Generation to Generation, By Rabbi Benjie Gruber (2015)

A Time for Healing by Rabbi Mark L. Winer (2016)


Rabbi Mark Goldsmith (2010)

Rabbi Alona Lisitsa (2011)  

Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum (2012)   

Succeeding Beyond all Expectations, by Rabbi Josh Weinberg (2013)

Parashat Vayeshev, By Rabbi Fred Morgan (2015)

Studies in Masculinity by Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah (2016)


The Price of Survival, by Rabbi Tirzah Ben David (2010)   

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs (2011)   

Osnat Bat Potifera: An Unknown Woman (English and Spanish), by Rabbi Pablo Berman (2012)

Miracles of our holiday, our chapter and our life, by Rabbi Grisha Abramovich (2015)

Dream and Act by Rabbi James M. Bennett (2016)


Joseph Reveals Himself: How to Deal with Shame, by Rabbi Katalin Kelemen (2010) 

Time for a New Approach to Understanding, by Rabbi Edgar Nof (2011)                

A Renewed Approach of Courage and Peace, by Rabbi Edgar Nof (2012)               

Rabbi Meir Azari (2013)

The Peace of Reconciliation by Rabbi Natan Landman (2014)

Lifting the Burden of Unforgiven Pain, by Rabbi Melanie Aron (2015)

Unasked Questions, by Rabbi Dr. Walter Rothschild (2017)


Rabbi Dr. Walter Rothschild (2010) 

Rabbi Steven Katz (2011)

A Blessing, a Knee and a Pool of Water, by Rabbi Greg Alexander (2012)

Promises, Promises, by Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber (2013)

Reversing History’s Pattern, by Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs (2014)

“Earning the Blessing of Israel”, by Rabbi Norman T. Roman (2015)

Living Life to the Fullest by Rabbi Paul (Shaul) R Feinberg (2017)

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