"The hour calls for high moral grandeur and spiritual audacity."

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

    The Roswell Seminar for Social Justice

In cooperation with the Israel Religious Action Center of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism

May 22 - 26, 2017

The Seminar

The Social Justice Seminar is an intensive 10-day program run in cooperation with the Israel Religious Action Center of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism in which participants explore issues of religion and state in Israel, as well as socioeconomic issues, and engage in social action projects.

The seminar delves into the basis of the Jewish concern for a just society, then goes out into the streets of Jerusalem and Israel to turn that vision into a reality. Seminar participants will wrestle with the issues of religion and state, and debate what it means to be a Jewish country and a democracy at the same time. They will learn about the often hidden plight of the poor, the hungry and the homeless, going beyond the statistics to encounter the real people involved.

The seminar will offer creative ways to make a continuing difference while in Israel and back at home. Participants will meet and work together on social action projects with the staff and volunteers of the Israel Religious Action Center and other social service organizations.

 Price: $750 (Including hotel, program and most meals. Not including airfare. Limited financial assistance available)

 For more information Contact the Saltz Education Center at saltz@wupj.org.il

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Participation in the seminar is open to people who are active in their home communities in social action and tikkun olam. We are looking for people who want to increase their effectivness and broaden their awareness in the realm of social justice.

The Roswell Social Action Seminar in Israel creates opportunities for social justice activists to make informed decisions about injustice and inequality in Israeli society. The program offers partnerships with Israeli NGOs on the ground and teaches effective strategies developed in Israel for working with poverty, hunger, homelessness, the working poor, foreign workers and refugees.


2015 SEMINAR ITINERARY (subject to slight changes)
Download the itinerary in PDF format

January 8-15, 2015

Thursday, 8 January

16.45        Meet in the Beit Shmuel hotel lobby

17.00        Welcome program
                  With Rabbi Steve Burnstein and Paul Liptz

18.00        Dinner at Beit Shmuel

19.00        Aims & Goals of the Program and Ice Breakers 
                  With Rabbi Steve Burnstein and Paul Liptz

Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon

Friday, 9 January

8.00        Breakfast

9.00        Tfila
               With Rabbi Steve Burnstein

9.45        Introduction to IRAC (Israel Religious Action Center) (http://www.irac.org/)

10.30      Freedom Riders with IRAC

12.30      Lunch on your own

14.00      Beit Eden with Kehilat Yozma

16.00      Travel to Kibbutz Gezer

16.30      Meet with Rabbi Miri Gold

17.30      Kabbalat Shabbat Tfilla with Kibbutz members, followed by home hospitality dinner

               Return to Jerusalem

Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon

Shabbat, 10 January

                Morning Tfilla at synagogue of your choice

12.00        Lunch at Beit Shmuel

16:00        Seudat Shlishit and Discussion of Tikkun around the World Union
                 With Rabbi Joel Oseran and Paul Liptz


20.00        Free evening

Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon

Sunday, 11 January

                Breakfast and check out of rooms  

8.15        Creative Tfilot
                With Rabbi Steve Burnstein

9.10        Depart Beit Shmuel

9.30        Arrive at the Knesset for security check

10.00       Knesset Tour with IRAC staff

11.45       Depart Knesset for Supreme Court

12.00       Arrive Supreme Court for Security

12.30       Supreme Court Tour

13.30       Depart for Ben Yehuda

                 Lunch on own

14.30        Afternoon at "H'aBayit Hapatuach" Open House – Gay, Lesbian Community Center

16.00        Travel to Tel Aviv  

                  Check into Gilgal Hotel, Tel Aviv

18.00        Jaffa Dual Narrative Tour
                  With Mishkenot Ruth Daniel

20:00        Dinner on own and free evening in Tel Aviv

Overnight: Gilgal Hotel, Tel Aviv

Monday, 12 January

8.00        Breakfast

8.30        Creative Tfilot
                With Rabbi Steve Burnstein

9:00        Depart hotel and travel to Beer Sheva

10:30      Meet with Vivian Silver, NISPED

11.30       Rahat school visit

13:00       Visit and lunch at Lakaya Bedouin Women’s Empowerment Center

15:00       Unrecognized Village visit

16:30       Travel to Tel Aviv  

18:00       Dinner on own and free evening

Overnight: Gilgal Hotel, Tel Aviv

Tuesday, 13 January

8.30        Creative Tfilot & Text Study
                With Rabbi Steve Burnstein

9.30        Depart hotel

10.00       South Tel Aviv
                 With Steven Beck

                Free time in Nachalat Binyamin and lunch on own

13.30        Graffiti Tour
                  With Guy Sharett

15:00        Encounter with Young Jewish & Palestinian Peace Builders: Liel & Raja

19.00        Depart for Na Lagaat

19.30        Dinner and show at Na Lagaat

                  Return to hotel

Overnight: Gilgal Hotel, Tel Aviv

Wednesday, 14 January

8.00        Creative Tfilot & Text Study
               With Rabbi Steve Burnstein

8.45        Depart hotel and Travel to Ein Shemer

9.30        Kibbutz Ein Shemer, including lunch

13.00       Return to Tel Aviv

15:00       IMPJ Mechina or BINA encounter with Israeli volunteers

18.00       Processing Session

19.00       Dinner on own and free evening

Overnight: Gilgal Hotel, Tel Aviv

Thursday, 15 January

                Check out of rooms

8.30        Creative Tfilot & text study

9.30        Evaluation and processing session

               Closing session – Bringing it home!

12.30      Concluding Lunch

               Optional - Return to Jerusalem


In cooperation with the Israel Religious Action Center  of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism


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