The Beutel Seminar For Progressive Jewish Leadership

"Because Jewish Learning is the Key Component of Jewish Leadership"

February 5-15, 2015

The Seminar

The Beutel Seminar is a prestigious ten-day seminar in Jerusalem run by the Anita Saltz International Education Center. The seminar is housed in Mercaz Shimshon-Beit Shmuel, the headquarters of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. It overlooks the dramatic walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. The seminar offers: the opportunity to study ancient texts and history; discuss current political and social issues; explore spiritual pathways and concepts of Jewish leadership - all within a Progressive Jewish context. Participants must be recommended by their community (i.e., rabbi, Jewish professional and or local lay leader) for their dedication and commitment to their communities (past and future).

Price: $1000 (includes everything but a few meals, limited scholarships are available) plus airfare

For more information Contact the Saltz Education Center at saltz@wupj.org.il

Download and complete the application (you need to save this read only file)

By meeting and studying with peers from around the world, seminar participants connect with Progressive Jewish communities worldwide, form powerful bonds with the State of Israel and strengthen their own leadership skills as well as Jewish knowledge.

Participants come from communities around the world: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the United States. 

The Beutel Seminar develops leadership skills, communication skills, Hebrew language skills, cultural diversity training and programmatic skills. The seminar enables participants to increase their knowledge about Israel as a Jewish state and its connection to Jewish history and Judaism. The seminar offers the ability to unlock Israel in a way that enables the participants to find a place for Israel in their own Jewish journeys.

Seminar Follow-Up
The purpose of the Beutel Seminar is to facilitate the active involvement of seminar graduates in the organized Progressive/Reform Jewish community, whether at the local, national or international level. After the seminar, participants return to their communities to take on an appropriate level of leadership responsibility either within their local Progressive Jewish community or within the national or international framework of the World Union.


Beutel Seminar for Progressive Lay-Leadership Itinerary

Day 1: Introduction    

  • Dinner at Beit Shmuel
  • Aims and Goals- Ice breakers and Group Work With Rabbi Steve Burnstein
  • WUPJ With Rabbi Joel Oseran      
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 2: Jerusalem in the Jewish Mind and Soul

  • Prayer workshop With Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman
  • First Temple Period Jerusalem tour
    Mifgash & Kabbalat Shabbat services at Kehilat Kol Haneshema http://www.kolhaneshama.org.il/eng/kolhaneshama
  • Oneg Shabbat With Rabbi Steve Burnstein
  • "IRAC: Future Directions for Israeli Society"  http://www.irac.org/ With Anat Hoffman
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 3: Jerusalem; The Heavenly and the Earthly

  • Services at Har El
  • Walking with the Psalms With Rabbi David Wilfond
  • "Progressive Jewish Communities around the World" and Seudah Shlishit with Professor Paul Liptz
  • Havdallah With Rabbi Joel Oseran
  • Free evening in Jerusalem
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 4: Community and Society; Yesterday and Today

  • Prayer workshop With Rabbi Levi Weiman- Kelman
  • Second Temple Jerusalem tour 
  • Leadership Workshop in Models from Jewish Tradition With Rabbi Steve Burnstein
  • Leadership Workshop: The Modern Period With Paul Liptz
  • Dinner with Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Director, Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 5: Building and Destruction

  • Breakfast With Dalya Levy, Executive Director, ARZENU
  • Prayer workshop With Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman
  • Tour of Mt. Herzl With Paul Liptz
  • Tour of Yad Vashem  http://www.yadvashem.org/ Accompanied by Paul Liptz
  • "Alternatives of Jewish Identity and Community" With Rabbi Steve Burnstein
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 6: Israel; Ethics and Dreams

  • Bus tour of Mt. Scopus and Northern Jerusalem With Paul Liptz
  • Looking at Ethical and Ethnic Dilemmas With Sally Klein- Katz
  • Encounter with Ron Kronish and graduates of ICCI's (Interreligious Coordinating Council of Israel) programs: Face to Face – Faith to Faith and the dialogue programs of Palestinians and Israelis http://www.icci.co.il/
  • Dinner and discussion with Netzer Veida participants
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 7: Building the Jewish State; Peoplehood and  Sovereignty

  • Study Tour of Beit Hatfutzot (The Museum of the Jewish People) http://www.bh.org.il/default.aspx With Paul Liptz
  • Meet with Rabbi Meir Azari At Beit Daniel Reform Congregation in Tel Aviv
  • Visit the Independence Hall
  • Study meeting at Bina (Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture) http://www.bina.org.il/english
  • Free evening in Tel Aviv
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 8: Leadership in the Desert; David Ben-Gurion

  • Sde Boker -Ben Gurion's Hut: "A Leader and Dreamer: David Ben-Gurion" With Paul Liptz.
  • Lunch at Mitzpe Ramon
  • Kibbutz Yahel: Living on the Edge
  • Progressive Judaism in a Desert Commune: discussion with kibbutz members
  • Kumzitz-Campfire (dress warmly)
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Yahel


Day 9: Kibbutz Lotan; Reality Confronts Ideology

  • Le’ovda u’leshomra” – “to till the Earth and to preserve it”: Ecological projects in Jewish perspective - Sustainable neighborhood, eco-park, organic garden, renewable energy, constructed wetlands- water purification and more. with Leah Zigmond
  • Tea and philosophy of Kibbutz Lotan: Vision verses reality, the challenges of becoming a sustainable community, at the “Tea House” local artists gallery and shop with Mark Naveh
  • “Kehilat Kodesh in the Desert”: Bridging the gap between religiosity and religion. with Mike Nitzan
  • Shabbat service at Kibbutz Yahel With Rabbi Steve Burnstein
  • Shabbat Dinner at Kibbutz Yahel
  • Oneg Shabbat and discussion With Rabbi Steve Burnstein
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Yahel


Day 10: A Desert Experience

  • Reform Judaism in the Desert - Music to my ears - Who is listening?: A walk in the desert and through the parsha With Rabbi Benjie Gruber
  • "Judaism in the Jewish State" With Paul Liptz
  • Havdalah
  • Overnight: Mercaz Shimshon


Day 11: Planning for Tomorrow

  • Prayer workshop With Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman
  • "World Jewry: Today and Tomorrow"  With Paul Liptz
  • "Planning for Tomorrow: Conclusion"  With Rabbi Steve Burnstein
  • Concluding lunch at Beit Ticho

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