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With compressive strengths from 3500 to 4500 psi, USG Levelrock® Brand 3500 Series USG Levelrock® 3500, 3500 Green, 3500 FR and 3500 Green FR Floor Underlayments contribute exceptional sound resistance and may be used with a USG Levelrock® Brand sound mat or sound board for improved STC and IIC ratings. GBL Construction exclusively installs LevelRock for all gypsum underlayment products.LevelRock is an underlayment developed and manufactured by USG. Utilizing LevelRock 2500 and 3500 as our primary gypsum underlayment, we can pour buildings spec'd for. LEVELROCK® Brand Floor Underlayment 2500 is a fast-applying gypsum cement formulated and manufactured by USG for use in multi-family, light commercial, and other wood-frame construction.This high-strength underlayment.

USG Boral Building Products I Private Limited - Offering LEVELROCK 2500 Floor Underlayments in Gurgaon, Haryana. Read about company and get contact details and address. ID: 6943532888. LEVELROCK® brand 2500 floor underlayment offers the highest compressive strength in its class, providing low-thickness applications over plywood subflooring in single-family, multi-family and hotel/motel construction. 11/11/33 · LEVELROCK® floor underlayments' full line of professional poured underlayments, primers and sealers and sound attenuation products features STRONGER THAN CONCRETE™ gypsum underlayments, self.

LEVELROCK® RH™ Floor Underlayment For use with radiant floor heating systems designed according to Radiant Panel Association RPA guidelines. Our LEVELROCK floor underlayments are designed to meet specific requirements for a wide range of new construction, repair and. LeveLroCk® 2500 Floor Underlayment Economical, fast-applying underlayment for multi-family and light-commercial construction. Can be poured before drywall is installed,a so it dries faster, helps prevent mold by minimizing wallboard exposure to high moisture levels and allows for greater scheduling flexibility. LeveLroCk® 3500 Floor. Slim sound attenuation mats increase IIC and STC values to meet or exceed IBC code requirements. USG Levelrock® Brand SAM-N™ Series Sound Attenuation Mats can be used over a variety of interior subfloors including plywood, OSB, pre-cast concrete, concrete and metal pan decking. 03/12/34 · Radiant floor topping lightweight concrete. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Levelrock 2500. Offers the highest compressive strengths in its class 2000 – 3200 psi, providing low-thickness applications over plywood subflooring in single-family, multi-family and hotel/motel construction. Levelrock 3500. Superior performance for higher-traffic areas in.

USG Levelrock® Brand CSD® Early Exposure™ Series Floor Underlayments may be applied at a much lower thickness than poured-in-place concrete, reducing dead load and allowing a greater number of floors for increased rentable/sellable square footage. pound bag of LEVELROCK Brand Floor Underlayment 2500. This ensures that the floor will deliver the needed strength to stand up to construction trade traffic. If LEVELROCK Brand Floor Underlayment 3500 or any higher-strength U.S. Gypsum products is being used in a pourable-before-drywall application, there is no change from the standard. 27/05/38 · Lightweight, yet strong and durable: Levelrock floor products have compressive strength ratings from 2,500 to 8,000 pounds per square inch psi, yet this floor underlayment remains lightweight. These combined qualities make Levelrock floor ideal for both single-story and multi-level structures.

09/06/41 · Home > Manufacturer Categories > USG > Levelrock 2500 Series Floor Underlayments. USG Levelrock 2500 Series Floor Underlayments. Levelrock 2500 Series Floor Underlayments offers the highest compressive strengths in its class 2000 to 3200 psi, providing low-thickness applications over plywood subflooring in multi-family and hotel/construction. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET LEVELROCK® 2500™ Floor Underlayment MSDS 57-140-022 Page 2 of 9 of developing silicosis is dependent upon the exposure intensity and duration.

LEVELROCK® 4500 LEVELROCK® 2500 LEVELROCK® 3500 LEVELROCK® RADIANT HEAT OUR BROCHURE DOWNLOAD PDF BROCHURE DOWNLOAD DOC BROCHURE levelrock® 4500 and NXG™ Floor Underlayment Product Descriptions:LEVELROCK® 4500 Floor UnderlaymentHigh compressive strength for commercial, institutional and rehab constructionLEVELROCK® brand 4500. LEVELROCK. Kinzler Construction is now a proud distributor of Levelrock applications for your floor underlayment needs. Levelrock floor underlayments are manufactured by USG and provide a full line of professional poured underlayments, primers, sealers, and sound attenuation products designed to meet all application needs. Levelrock® Brand 2500 Series Floor Underlayment - Maintenance of Concrete ZeroDocs is a better way for manufacturers to market their products and specifiers to locate them. Our mission is to categorize, create a consistent format and streamline the process of locating new suppliers online. Frequently Asked Questions About Gypsum Concrete Page 1. Answer 1: When we first pour the LEVELROCK RH Radiant Heat Floor Leveling Underlayment over your floor at 1.5" average depth which will provide the minimum of 3/4" coverage over the top of your tubes it will weight around 14 pounds per square foot. However after you ventilate and dry.

Levelrock® Brand 2500 Series Floor Underlayments - Regular / Green / FR is a product in the Gypsum Cement Underlayment category. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports. It resurfaces any cracked or damaged concrete to better than new, providing surface hardness from 2500 to over 3800 psi. From feather edge to 3-1/2 inches in thickness, FIRM-FILL® High Strength floor underlayment provides a durable, flat floor for virtually any finished floor covering. USG LEVELROCK® LEVELROCK® 2500 LEVELROCK® 3500 LEVELROCK® 4500 LEVELROCK® RADIANT HEAT OUR BROCHURE DOWNLOAD PDF BROCHURE DOWNLOAD DOC BROCHURE USG LEVELROCK® Premium Poured Gypsum Floor UnderlaymentsThe following Underlayments may be specified from 2500psi up to 8000psi and are walkable 90 minutes after the area has been poured. levelrock® 2500 LEVELROCK® 3500 LEVELROCK® 2500.

A word about our Poured Gypsum Floor Underlayment Products. LEVELROCK brand 2500 & 3500 Radiant Heat floor underlayment provides tough compressive and surface strengths for long-term resistance to the trade activity typical of a commercial construction site. This non-shrinking formulation locks radiant heat tubing in place to prevent noise. Welcome to Poured Floors of New York and New Jersey Poured Floors of NY & NJ was founded with the simple belief that first rate workmanship & first class customer service are the backbone of any good business relationship.

LEVELROCK® brand 3500 floor underlayment provides superior performance for higher-traffic areas in both wood-frame and light-commercial construction. This underlayment also provides exceptional sound resistance and may be used with a Levelrock™ brand sound mat or. LEVELROCK RH® Data Sheet Product Description: LEVELROCK RH® is a gypsum underlayment engineered for rapid installation over hot water tubes or electric heating cables. It acts as the thermal mass for any infloor radiant system. LEVELROCK RH encapsulates the tubes or cables in crack resistant, noncombustible gypsum.

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