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01/08/34 · it was in BF3 chances are good it'll be in BF4. the comment about the SUSAT, afraid it's dead bud and is being replaced with the ACOG, had 20 years of service, needs the gas changing, dangerous if the gas leaks, obscured view if aiming down, ACOG is picatinny standard rather then dove tail rail so in 2020 more likely 2025 when they replace the SA80 they can reuse the ACOG rather then have to. 22/03/37 · Im playing BF3 and in here you get L85A2 by doing Professional Russian Assignment. Its a DLC From Back to Karkand. I dont have the weapon as i said, and i need it to get a Trophy and to finish another assigment. Well this is the BF4 forum so I generally assume that people are talking about BF4.

13/04/35 · I didn't know the L85A2 in BF4 is considered so sucky. I guess I'll stick with FAMAS and M416 for Operation Locker games at least. I don't like the ACE23 because I think it looks ugly and it feels a little too easy/non-rewarding to use. 15/02/39 · Do you need to have BF4 Premium CR to unlock the L85A2 I have 5 assault ribbons, and performed the defribilator, pistol, and 40mm grenade kill in a round and still haven't unlocked it. The fire rate is average, the reload is slow as fuck, the hipfire is mediocre, and with it being a British weapon you're stuck using the shitty American optics Reflex, Holo, M145 are all god awful until you grind to get the actual good optics. I'm done with the L85A2 that gun is complete asscheeks.

l86a1にl85a1→l85a2の改修内容を適用したのがl86a2である。 評価は概ね低くベルト給弾が出来ずに分隊支援火器としては火力不足なため、イギリス軍は後にfn minimiを採用することになった。. 12/11/38 · Battlefield 4 L85A2 Pack on a modified QBU-88 1p animation by EnemySniper. Thank you for your great work for long time. I've been always using all items from you in my own game.I use your BF4 weapons in original BF2 and your WW2 weapons in FH2 mod, which obviously change my whole game experience.

Battlefield 4 Weapon Comparison: ACW-R vs L85A2? - Which is better? - Damage, accuracy, attachments, mag size, fire rate, etc. - Complete analysis to find the best weapons! The L85A2 is an upgraded variant of the original L85A1 assault rifle, that was adopted by the British Army back in 1984 as a standard infantry weapon. The original L85A1 assault rifle had some reliability and performance issues. In general it was quite unreliable and troublesome to maintain. しかし、イギリス軍内部にはl85には未だ解決していない問題が数多くある、とする意見が多数存在した。そこでイギリス軍は、新たに270万ポンド約3億6千万円を投じ5000挺のl85a2を改修する契約を再びh&k社と結んだ。. Battlefield4(バトルフィールド4)の攻略Wiki。 必須動作環境最低限ゲームが起動する 推奨環境中品質程度で遊べる.

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