Jerusalem Seminar-One Day Program

Jerusalem Seminar-One Day ProgramDuring your stay in Jerusalem, the Saltz Center offers thoughtful study programs.

Our walking tours and in classroom study sessions employ biblical and rabbinic texts as well as Modern Hebrew poetry and prose to create a powerful connection between sacred text and sacred space.

In addition to deep Jewish learning we will help you gain a firm grasp on what is happening with Reform Judaism in Israel and around the world.

Join us either during the week or for a complete Shabbat experience.

Jerusalem Seminar-One Day Program Option includes:

  • Creative Prayer Services
  • Lunch
  • Text Study in the Old City of Jerusalem:
    - Walking Jerusalem through the Psalms
    - Exploring Modern Hebrew Poetry and Prose
    - Boundaries, Dreams and Realities: When Judaism Meets the Modern Jewish
  • State
  • Seudah Shlisheet/The Third Meal (only on Shabbat)
  • Text Study in the Classroom:
    - Jewish Responses to Power and Powerlessness
    - The Role of Jerusalem in Our Sacred Spiritual Texts
    - Exile and Redemption in Jewish Prayer
    - Public Culture, Sovereignty and Religion in the Jewish State
  • Special Program: The Role of Reform and Progressive Judaism in Israel and around the world.

  • Havdallah Over looking the Walls of the Old City (only on Shabbat)

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