Seminars for Progressive Jewish Learning and Leadership

These intensive seminars are designed for adults seeking a deep and intensive engagement with Jewish learning in the spiritual and historic center of our people. Groups spend from three to ten days studying and exploring both in Jerusalem and around Israel. Close attention is paid to developing practical Judaic skills as well as to examining spirituality and personal growth for the benefit of both the individual as well as the community.

Three to ten day intensive seminars for groups organized from abroad.

Seminars are suited for:

  • Lay leadership programs
  • Congregational and community study missions
  • Organizational study seminars
  • Torah study groups
  • Young adult leadership colloquiums
  • Elder hostels and more...

Sample Seminars, Courses and Workshops

Jerusalem: The Worlds Above and Below

Jerusalem is not only the center of the Jewish world - it is a unique world unto itself. For thousands of years, Jews have been making their way to Jerusalem through the written word, prayer and pilgrimage. Explore the deep and multifaceted relationship of our people to this place.

Prayer as a Spiritual Practice

This workshop is designed to spark conversations about our own spiritual and physical needs as well as those of our community. Come learn through the eyes of the spiritual masters who have made their mark on Jerusalem.

Rebuilding Jerusalem

Using tikkun olam as our guiding principle, we experience Jewish religious service by helping to rebuild neglected lives and touch souls in Jerusalem. Emphasizing the Jewish concern for a just society, we go out into the streets to help make that vision a reality.

Walls, Fences and other Boundaries

What are “walls” and what are “boundaries” in Jewish tradition? Is Jewish law a type of wall? Do these walls keep us in or keep others out? What were the borders of ancient Israel? Are they important? What are the borders of modern Israel? What are the tensions between who is in and who is out? What do our sources say about boundaries, dreams and realities?

From Swords to Plowshares

What does Judaism have to teach about conflict and resolution? From Abraham and Lot to the Road Map, from Jacob and Esau to the separation barrier, we engage texts and explore sites that illuminate both historical and current conflicts.