Leadership Skills

Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leadership: Through the use of Jerusalem sites and texts, participants will explore in depth both how leaders have envisioned Jerusalem at different times throughout Jewish history, past and present, as well as probing into the visionary leadership of the individual participants of the group. Emphasis will be on values driven visionary leadership and the participants will be challenged to probe their own personal values and see how they can be incorporated within their leadership in their own specific organization and/or institution.

Exploring Progressive Jewish Identity

The members of the early Reform movement in Germany believed that their religious route was the best way to deal with the new, modern world. Many of these German emigrants took their ideas and hopes with them to other parts of the world, particularly to the United States. Our module will investigate the historical and contemporary trends of Progressive Judaism and will initiate discussion on how to move forward.

Israel, Democracy and the Role of Progressive Judaism

What does it mean to be a Jewish state a state simply made up of Jews or a religious Jewish state? Is the later necessarily a theocracy? After 57 years of Israeli independence, the answer is still not entirely clear. Participants will learn about the battle that is still being waged as to the meaning of a sovereign Jewish state for the 21st century. In this debate, Progressive Judaism has understood its mission to advance religious freedom and pluralism, tolerance, social justice and civil liberties in Israel.

Building Communities: The Future of Reform Judaism in Israel

Michael MarmurThe Israel Movement for Progressive Jewry [IMPJ] has taken on a major challenge- to integrate its beliefs into the new Israeli society. How can we offer an alternative Judaism to Israeli secularists? Where can we take our concepts into the Israeli school system? What is our role in terms of human rights, tikkun olam and tzedakah? Join our internal dialogue as we move forward with hope.

Leadership in the Jewish State

Uri RegevJews have always regarded creative leadership as vital for their survival. Role models give us a fascinating array of possibilities. From the biblical leader to modern men and women, we are fortunate in being able to study past to build the present. Contemporary Israel still faces multiple challenges. The module will analyze political, military, academic, economic national leaders as well as grass roots figures to give us a better understanding of where we should go in the coming decades.