Arts and Culture

Israeli Film Lecture Series

Light plays an important part in Jewish learning both as a metaphor for truth, understanding and God.Today we also have the ability to work with light specifically in the realm of film that adds so much to our sensory experience about Israel and about Israelis. In the last few years Israel has put out a number of remarkably powerful films that accentuate the critical issues that define Israeli society for today. Working with top Israeli lecturers and film makers we will get a penetrating insight into this new and exciting Israeli medium.

Theater as Dialogue

Israel in Translation: In this workshop, participants will read scenes from prominent Israeli playwrights whose works have not yet been translated into English. This will allow an exploration of Israeli culture from within and an opportunity to examine the issues Israeli writers choose to explore.

A Matter of Vision

“And all the people could see the voices (Exodus 20:15)". Ori Resheff, a silversmith, and Ofer Sabath-Beit Halachmi, a rabbi present this spiritual experience - a matter of vision. Ceremony is an important part in Jewish life. The atmosphere in the Synagogue or home is designed by the visual expression of the space, candlesticks and Havdala set, Torah ornaments and Arc. As the saying goes "One picture is worth a million words"

Meet the Press

Israel is one of the most closely observed countries in the world. Foreign and local journalists abound. Their stories are the ones you read in local and international newspapers. Let us listen to them and ask our questions as we recognize that in the end, each and every one of us is, in reality, also a reporter. We see with our eyes and comment with our hearts. The words will be those of our panel.

Home Hospitality with Israelis and Israeli Families

Israelis will welcome you into their homes and tell you their stories. A people that comes from some 90 countries around the globe, both old residents and new immigrants, are the multiple voices of this modern society.

A Cultural Tour of the Holy City: The Israel and City of David Museums

The Israel Museum has been described as one of the top ten in the world. It is a maze of old and new, with ever changing exhibits. The grounds around the museum are sometimes ignored and yet have many fascinating aspects. The City of David Museum, at the Jaffa Gate, is very different. Here we see the chronological story of the city of Jerusalem, with its varied religious groups. Learning can truly be fun as our expert guides direct our attention to the unique.

Palmach Museum – The Culture of Pre-State Israel

War museums around the world are usually filled with exhibits of destruction. The Palmah  Museum in Ramat Aviv is unique in its presentation as it tells the stories of young men and women in the years before the creation of the State. The Palmah, an underground fighting force, shaped many aspects of of Israel. Its members played central political, social and military roles in later periods. This group experience deserves discussion and understanding.