What We Do...

Progressive Jewish values, timeless Jewish learning

Rabbi Rich KirschenThe Saltz Center interweaves spiritual, intellectual and sensory experiences for a dynamic Jewish journey. Our curriculum takes a holistic, integrated learning approach guided by prayer / , text study / , field study / , the arts/ and leadership skills / . A Saltz seminar energizes participants, who return to their homes both intellectually and spiritually renewed.


Prayer / Tefillah /

We explore the important connection between prayer and spirituality through traditional and innovative experiences. By orchestrating a wide variety of prayerful encounters, we help participants reflect upon the meaning of worship both in their communities and in their own personal lives.

The House of Study / Beit Midrash /

A rabbinic parable asks, Where is God? The rabbis answer God is looking through the windows of the Beit Midrash. The Beit Midrash is a critical part of all Jewish learning where we encounter the text and each other through the process of chevrutah (by acquiring a study partner). This method reflects the Saltz philosophy that Judaism does not happen alone.

Field Study /

The Saltz Center combines the intensity of sacred text with the majesty of sacred space. Texts and ideas come alive in visits to sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel directly connected to the sources and subjects we explore. At Saltz we dont just read about Davids ascension to Jerusalem with the Ark but study the text at the site where the event occurred.

Arts and Culture /

One of the miracles of modern day Israel is its vibrant public Jewish culture. From theater to musical concerts to stand-up comedy, the Saltz Center uses this rich spectrum of artistic creativity to bridge the Israel of the Bible with the Israel of today.

Leadership Skills /

At Saltz we help participants develop and realize their own leadership potential. Our goal is to construct and support a feeling of responsibility and a deep-rooted connection with Klal Yisrael (the Jewish people). We encourage participants, through hadracha (leadership skills) to journey inward, find their true voice, and return nourished to their communities.